Homes in construction at Brisas!

Things are picking up at Brisas and as of January 2016 we now have three homes in construction.  Dan and Evan are building a sweet “Rancho Supremo” which integrates local and modern materials.  I designed this for them based on their desire to have an  open, airy living and hang out space with partial walls and a palma roof for the rancho feel and fully enclosed bedrooms that could be closed up.  A spacious U-shaped kitchen blends into the open plan living and dining space which then leads to the pool steps and swim up bar.  The design fits the structure snugly on their small narrow lot allowing room in the future for a main house.


Patrick and Bree are doing a two-story family house with 2 bedrooms upstairs and an open floor plan kitchen/living/dining downstairs.  They brought me a basic sketched plan which I then used to create a 3D house plan working through the design details for all the dimensional spaces, windows and doors, rooms and baths (look here for a description of the general design process).  The open living area downstairs moves from the kitchen with dining island through three sets of bifold custom ironwork doors, which open most of the front wall and corner, to a massive double-wide wrap around patio.  Because of the cement construction and 2 story design we worked with an engineering firm in Chinandega to complete a full structural analysis for sizing of footing, columns, beams, etc.


Ryan is building a casita of his own design to use until he does a main house.  I used his plans to build the foundation and cement half walls of the casita that he and some friends are finishing in pine and guanacaste.


Day in The Life – Holly Beck Obermeyer and Luna at Brisas

Day in The Life – Holly Beck Obermeyer and Luna at Brisas

We are so happy with our new home on lot #22 at Brisas. Here’s a quick little tour looking at what life is like living in Nicaragua with our 5 month old baby girl Luna.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.22.16 AM Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 11.44.00 AM

Quick Tour of a Few of the Lots Available

Quick Tour of a Few of the Lots Available

Brisas Nicaragua is a small residential community in its very early stages in Aposentillo, Northern Nicaragua. The benefit to these lots is private beach access to a beautiful empty beach with great waves – the Boom. The community also has good water, easy access from a paved road, power nearby, and flat easily build-able lots.

sunset peak sunset wave view lot 4 view lot 26sunset

Katie and Damian Plant Trees on Lot 14

Katie and Damian Plant Trees on Lot 14

brisas rainbow

Katie and Damian bought lot #14 sight-unseen based on the recommendation of a friend. They work on yachts and finally got a chance to travel down to check out their investment. They were super stoked realizing the lot was bigger and closer to the beach than they had imagined. Not wanting to waste time, they got right to work planting a fence and some trees. They hope to start building next year.

lot 18 crew

IMG_4340IMG_4347IMG_4356lot 18

Living at Brisas Surfing Lifestyle

Living at Brisas Surfing Lifestyle

It’s been almost two weeks and we’re loving our new home at Brisas Del Alma. We’re still very busy settling in, putting finishing touches on the house (building shelves to store all our stuff mostly), and embracing our new lifestyle. It feels so good! Here are a few quick pics I snapped the other day to give you a taste. fiery sunrise Gorgeous sunrise volcano view. lobo bodegaLobo waits patiently to head to the walk to surfWalking from stretchKim stretches it out before paddling backside cuttykim drop inkim cuttykim tube tuck A small but super fun day!sweet left volcano view

Lot #22 House Tour

Lot #22 House Tour

Holly and Kim Obermeyer have been working hard on building their house for the past six months in preparation for the arrival of their baby girl who is due Sept 7th. Right on schedule, the house is nearly finished the first week of August and they are starting to think about moving in. Check out a tour of the house on lot #22.







House in Progress Tour on Lot #22

In Part 2 of our Nesting in Nicaragua series, Holly is one week shy of being six months pregnant and the house has been under construction for five months. The roof is mostly on and you can start to get a feel for what the house will look like. Take a tour of the interior floor plan.
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