Surf and Fish in Northern Nicaragua

It’s not just about the sick waves in Northern Nicaragua. If you’re into sport fishing, you can catch wahoo, dorado, tuna, and sailfish! Check out the video and book your trip with Surfari Charters or come down to the Marina to go out on their boat.

Lot #22 – Planting Non-GMO Corn and Beginning Construction

Since buying our lot a few months ago we’ve started making some improvements. The fence and some tree planting came first. Now we’ve hooked into the community water, have planted some non-GMO corn and have begun building our caretaker’s...

Lot #22 Caretaker’s House

We are the first to build on our lot at Brisas (other than the model home which is still in construction as well). We started by building a caretaker’s casita out of large bricks, with a Nicalit roof supported by Guanacaste beams. The house is 320 sq ft (including the...

GoPro Tail Cam at the Boom

Woke up before 5am, pounded some coffee, waxed up, snuck through the shortcut in the barbed wire fence, ran down to the beach, paddled out, and pulled into a few quick little tubes. It was small and gray but it was a good test of my GoPro Camera tail cam setup. Can’t...

Amigas Surf the Island Point

if the Boom isn’t happening or you aren’t into thumpy beach breaks, the island point is a fun left accessible by a very short boat ride. Check out these ladies enjoying the point on a fun swell in December.

Tour of Lots #14 and #17

A tour by Kim Obermeyer of a couple of lots in the Brisas Del Alma development. This clip was filmed on a windy day in the dry season, soon after the land was burned to clear brush. In a month or two it will be nice and green again, but this gives you an idea of what...

Holly and Kim Break Ground on their Nicaraguan Nest

We’ve built a few houses/structures in Nicaragua so far, but none are really baby friendly. Either too small, no power, no water, or both, we had been planning the true family house for a while. Once we found out there was baby on the way,...

One Good Wave at the Boom

One Good Wave at the Boom

Back in December, I scored this really fun wave just down the beach from Brisas. I can’t wait to get our house finished so that I can walk to this wave on the daily!


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Nicaragua is So Hot Right Now!

Surfers have been claiming Nicaragua as a hot spot for years, but recently the mainstream media has been catching on. Nicaragua has graced the cover of the New York Times Magazine’s 2012 Winter Travel Issue Again, the New York Times focused on Nicaragua, listing it as...

Surfing Around Brisas

Holly Beck owns a lot at Brisas and runs Womens Surf and Yoga Retreats at a beach nearby. In between surf retreats, she surfs right out front at the Boom. BOOM!

Power Pole Installation in Progress

Lots at Brisas Del Alma will soon be one step closer to electrical illumination. All the necessary permits are in hand and there was a crew on the ground yesterday clearing the fence line of tree branches in preparation for installing the power posts and lines that...

Holly Beck and Kim Obermeyer Buy a Lot at Brisas Del Alma

Holly Beck and Kim Obermeyer Buy a Lot at Brisas Del Alma Professional Surfer Holly Beck and her husband Kim Obermeyer buy lot #22 in Brisas Del Alma Holly first came to Nicaragua in 2005 and bought land in 2007. She fell in love with the Boom right away and bought...

Planting Trees on our Lot at Brisas

We’re into the rainy season and everything is green and lush. The surveyor finally got all the concrete lot markers in place so we had a friend install a living fence around our lot (#22). Now that the horses are kept out, we are able to plant some trees. I had...