The surf around Brisas is world class. It all starts with the thumpy, hollow beach break called the Boom that has been featured quietly in many surf videos in the last few years including several sections of Taylor Steele’s Innersection 1 and 2, Lost’s 5’5″ 19 1/4 REDUX, and the artsy Sight and Sound by Mikey DeTemple (click here for trailer):

If the swell is big or you tire of tube rides, there’s an island left point a five min boat ride out from the marina with bigger water waves to gouge your rails into.

A 10 minute walk around the point to the North is a user-friendly beach for ripping on big swells, or just more friendly and lighter-lipped waves for beginner surfers called Aposentillo.

If you’re a gnarly shredder that likes to live on the wild side, there’s even a slab only 5 minutes away. See below for gorgeous photos of Cheyne Magnussen by Rob Keith.

Team Body Glove visited the area in May and surfed all the spots described above. The evidence is below. Click PLAY!


Surf options around Brisas


Things to do around Brisas

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Offshore Hollow Waves at the Boom This is why we live here. Offshore, super hollow waves, breaking over sand, close to the beach, a five minute walk from the private beach access at Brisas.

Activities around Brisas

FISHING– Estuary, reef and offshore fishing possibilities abound. HORSEBACK RIDING– empty beaches and lots of nice horses available for rent mean you can gallop to your heart’s content. YOGA– classes and retreats available at Coco Loco resort HIKING– A couple of...

Backside Boomers

A view inside a few big rights a short walk away from the beach access at Brisas.  

Local Surfer Artist Elton Sanchez

Elton Sanchez is a local kid from Asseradores that has only been surfing a little over 5 years. With constant exposure to good waves and pro surfers, he is one of a handful of local kids in the area pulling stylish airs, trying flips, and getting super sick tubes. The...