Transworld “Go There” – Northern Nicaragua

Ok, ok, the secret is out. While the Northern stretch of Nicaragua’s coastline is still much less packed with dudes dragging boardbags than the South, it doesn’t mean it’s a secret anymore. The boys at Transworld Surf visited sometime last year with a crew of pros and filmed a few sessions out at the Boom. Thankfully they don’t actually mention the name of the spot, leaving a little effort required to potential followers. It doesn’t look like they totally scored, but put the best surfers in the world out at a punchy beachbreak and they will make it look fun! Check it out.

Holly and Kim Break Ground on their Nicaraguan Nest

We’ve built a few houses/structures in Nicaragua so far, but none are really baby friendly. Either too small, no power, no water, or both, we had been planning the true family house for a while. Once we found out there was baby on the way, we finalized the plan and broke ground on a 1400 sq ft, (1900 including workshop), 2.5 bedroom, 2 bath home on lot #22 at Brisas. We’ve let our team know that the pressure is on to finish the house before September when the baby is due. Will it happen? follow along on our blogs: and

Amigas Surf the Island Point

Amigas Surf the Island Point

If the Boom isn’t happening or you aren’t into thumpy beach breaks, the island point is a fun left accessible by a very short boat ride. Check out these ladies enjoying the point on a fun swell in December.

Lot #22 Caretaker’s House

Lot #22 Caretaker’s House

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We are the first to build on our lot at Brisas (other than the model home which is still in construction as well). We started by building a caretaker’s casita out of large bricks, with a Nicalit roof supported by Guanacaste beams. The house is 320 sq ft (including the small porch) and has cost us about $7k and 6 weeks to build.

We still need to finish the details such as a door for the bodega, screen door, window screens, connecting the electricity, and painting the inside.

Surf Lifestyle at the Boom

The waves aren’t perfect every day. Sometimes it’s small and kinda closed out, lumpy, and plagued by riptides. That’s just a part of surfing. But the sunrise is beautiful, the beach is empty, the water is warm. Even if the waves aren’t firing, the surf lifestyle is awesome. On this day, I took my two dogs for a sunrise surf session, caught a few little waves, and just appreciated the moments. lobo bounce tube view