Katie and Damian Plant Trees on Lot 14

Katie and Damian Plant Trees on Lot 14

brisas rainbow

Katie and Damian bought lot #14 sight-unseen based on the recommendation of a friend. They work on yachts and finally got a chance to travel down to check out their investment. They were super stoked realizing the lot was bigger and closer to the beach than they had imagined. Not wanting to waste time, they got right to work planting a fence and some trees. They hope to start building next year.

lot 18 crew

IMG_4340IMG_4347IMG_4356lot 18

Brisas Has A New Water Tower

water tower

Brisas has made some serious upgrades to it’s water system. In this photo you can see the older hand-dug well (covered by the green roof) that is already connected to the lots in Phase 1 with underground pipes. Brisas has recently installed several new machine-drilled deep wells (one of which is visible in this photo – the concrete block with white tube sticking up) to ensure an ample water supply for all lots.

The new water tower is also complete which will be outfitted with a 10,000 Gallon tank that will provide gravity fed water to all the lots in Phase 1.

Planting Trees on our Lot at Brisas

brisas tree planters

We’re into the rainy season and everything is green and lush. The surveyor finally got all the concrete lot markers in place so we had a friend install a living fence around our lot (#22). Now that the horses are kept out, we are able to plant some trees. I had started a bunch of seeds for tropical fruit trees like mangos, avocados, guavas, limes, and tamarindos that are now waist high or bigger. We brought them over and the caretaker’s family helped us to dig some holes. Judy is a very skilled planter. She insisted that i get both knees on the ground (no squatting!) and use a lot of love when putting the trees into the ground. Great advice!

We’ve got a bunch more plants to bring over and put in the ground in the next few days.

Holly Beck and Kim Obermeyer Buy a Lot at Brisas Del Alma

Holly Beck and Kim Obermeyer Buy a Lot at Brisas Del Alma

Professional Surfer Holly Beck and her husband Kim Obermeyer buy lot #22 in Brisas Del Alma

brisas 1 surf view

Holly first came to Nicaragua in 2005 and bought land in 2007. She fell in love with the Boom right away and bought land nearby, but after making the decision to live in Nicaragua full time which led to a total life and relationship change, she moved down the coast to live where she worked at a wave better suited for beginner surfers. In the last few years she had to make the 25 min drive to surf the boom on and would often miss the best waves. She really wanted to buy a piece of land walking distance to her favorite wave in the world.

home holly going surfing
The answer was Brisas Del Alma. Holly and Kim liked that Brisas featured a reasonable number of lots of various sizes and prices, walking distance to their favorite surf spot but further away from the center of town, allowing easy access to surf and a quieter existence with more privacy. They chose a corner lot in Phase 1 with underground water already installed.

They plan to start construction on a caretaker’s house during the rainy season and have already begun designing a main house that they’ll use for part time living and rental income.

For more photos from their lot selecting process, scroll through the gallery below:

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Power Pole Installation in Progress

Power Pole Installation in Progress

Lots at Brisas Del Alma will soon be one step closer to electrical illumination. All the necessary permits are in hand and there was a crew on the ground yesterday clearing the fence line of tree branches in preparation for installing the power posts and lines that will power the community well and be available for lot owners to tie into.

More updates coming soon!

For info on lots contact kobermeyer@gmail.com

brisas power polesbrisas tree clearing

brisas power transformer

The King of the Boom Contest

The King of the Boom Contest

Every year Hotel Chancletas puts on a contest for the local surfers in the area. It’s an awesome chance for the locals to showcase their skills, get the spot to themselves for 20 minutes at a time, and fight for the right to claim themselves as El Rey del Boom. 

Isaac Rodriguez had been the undefeated champ for three years in a row, but this year Elton Sanchez claimed the crown with a sick backside tube in the final. The sand has been a little funky this year, but after a few big swells to start out the new season, it’s finally coming around. The contest day had strong offshore winds until 3pm and overhead waves.

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Local Surfer Artist Elton Sanchez

Local Surfer Artist Elton Sanchez


Elton Sanchez is a local kid from Asseradores that has only been surfing a little over 5 years. With constant exposure to good waves and pro surfers, he is one of a handful of local kids in the area pulling stylish airs, trying flips, and getting super sick tubes.

elton tubeelton air

The difference between Elton and some of the others is that he always has a smile on his face in the water. He’s watched his homebreak transform from a secret spot to a sought out surf destination but he doesn’t mind. He’s stoked no matter what.

For a sweet video of Elton shredding….. click here:

He’s also an artist with prints, canvases, and murals available.

elton art 1 elton art 2 elton art 3 elton art 4